3D Imaging Wheel Alignment is the latest wheel alignment technology available on the market today. This technology provides the most accurate and real-time measurements that reduce setup and measurement time. This proven technology is matched with easy-to-use software that has our technicians getting readings and adjustment done in a matter of minutes.

So save your time and your money when you have your vehicle aligned at Limitless Tire

Changer Balancer

The John Bean EHP System III-E tire changer is ideal for handling passenger car, light truck and high-performance wheels. This tire changer also allows us to change low profile and run flat tires up to a 24 inch on the outside diameter and 26 inch on the inside diameter.

The VPI system III wheel balancer features semi-automatic parameter entry of wheel distance, width and diameter. Using a fast 6 second cycle time, precision virtual plane imaging technology accurately calculates weight amount and location for super-accurate single-spin wheel balancing.